Recognize awkward or tyring positioning of your hands?
I do. Especially when reading on the go…

Now you can hold the book comfortably with one hand. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing your daily commute on the train or laying cuddled up in bed…
The BookBird is there to perfect your reading experience!


Ever dropped a bookmark and lost track of the progress?
I have and it is a headache every time. …

The BookBird ensures that you will never lose track again.
The strap wraps perfectly around your book and separates the pages that you have already read from those your are still to enjoy!

The Circular Filosofi

The Book Bird is designed to follow The Circle of Life. This means that 95% of the materials used to produce the BookBird comes from recycled materials and that 100% of the materials used in the Book Bird can be reused if disposed correctly. 
In order for resourses to circulate minimum wastage is key. That is why we do things the way we do. 

Circle of life


Every BookBird is produced on order. The production is set up in a way that allows for ultra-flexible production runs. That means that no BookBird is produced before the unit is ordered thus eliminating overproduction and waste material.


To ensure that you will have a happy and long-lasting relationship with your BookBird we strive to achieve the perfect balance between seamless and beautiful design and durability and practicality. 


If the day comes that you want to dispose of your BookBird please do it as such:
1 -> Carefully remove the elastic bands from the body. 
2 -> The body goes in the bin with “hard plastics”
3 -> The straps goes into the container with “fabrics”. 

Giving is living

I come alive when I read books. My mind can escape to places that only very few people could imagine. This gives me a brake from my everyday life that I cherish and want others to