Enjoy reading even more!

The Book Bird lets you relax and enjoy your literature on end by enableling you to hold your book open with one hand only.
And it doubles as a book mark!  

Never loose track!

The fastening feature of the Book Bird Strap means that you will never again loose your book mark. Book Bird Straps easily around your book to make sure that your book marl never slips out of your book again. With the Book Bird you will never loose track of how far you have come. 
And it will strap to you finger as well!  

Customise your Book Bird!

A Book Bird  is a personal item just as your book on your desk, in your bag or on the book shelf. Therefore I have mad it possible for you to customise your Book Bird by embroidering the strap with a name or whatever you want!
Make it personal!  

Limited Edition Book Bird!

We all have a favourite book series or an author that is special to us. Therefore I have decided to created limited edition Book Birds that will be taking inspiration from different different sources. They will be available in limited amounts only. 
So be quick when they drop!  

Book Bird for Businesses!

Does your company opperate in a segment with a lot of readers? Does the members of your book club need a customised accessory that you will use over and over again?
Then look no further! I can put your logo, name or brand on the Book Bird to make it fit perfectly to your need. 
A professionel yet personal touch!